The personal cost of access

A great eye-opener on accessible housing.

A DIFFERENT LIGHT: Short stories and poetry by Ruth Harrigan

This morning ran as its top video, a story about making city hall accessible in San Francisco and entitled it “Access or Excess”.

Other bloggers have covered this story, but what struck me is how this story fails to give equal play to the fact that those of us with disabilities who need access in our homes face extraordinarily high costs as well – and how these issues are not being addressed in the media although these situations happen every day of the week.

Historically, we are not so far from the days when it was assumed that people with disabilities should remain institutionalized or at home, shut away from the world. This kind of thinking often attaches a label of “entitlement” to a request for accommodations. This is quickly followed by the often exaggerated fear about the cost of accommodations.

And what gets lost in all of this…

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