Thank you for that real, in depth reflection on growing up and the emotions tied to coping and taking control.

epileptic ironman

From the outset I wanted this to be an honest blog of how things are & were. Some things are not easy to admit to. I hope by doing this I can keep the blog an interesting read for you & keep raising awareness for Toby.

So how did I cope? Outwardly well. Inwardly, if I’m being honest, I was scared. Looking at it with hindsight, it’s probably natural emotion to have had. I can remember my friends coming to see me after the first seizure. They sat one side of the table, me the other; it was all I could do not to burst into tears. I didn’t know what was happening or why. In private, when on my own, at times I didn’t cope well. I wanted to hide away and certainly didn’t want anyone to see me have a seizure.

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