So Long, Wheelchair

A humorous, yet realistic view on navigating the everyday world in a wheelchair.

Achieve Amid Adversity: A Blog on Learning and Resilience

The paradox of the wheelchair is that it both deflates and inspires hope. When you’re stuck slinking into a seat all day, somber thoughts weigh down hope. But when you’re dangling a trash bag half your size in between your teeth and rolling to the compactor, hope springs eternal that none of your neighbors spot you.

That’s behind me now: I’ve been upgraded to crutches. Yes, I’m still stalking the halls with trash attached to my face. But because I’m upright and damn happy about it, I can now at least offer a jaunty smile to any passerby—albeit one obscured by frozen food containers and bits of food gunk.

Before I let your mind linger too long on that lovely image, however, I do want to make one final point about rolling around when you can’t use your legs: it can be freaking terrifying. Allow me to explain in…

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